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The wolf only lives in the Labrador portion of the province. It has been extinct on the island since 1930.

The wolf thrives in Labrador with the caribou being a major food source along with large numbers of small game that Labrador has to offer. howling wolf

There are questions whether the wolf is a distinct subspecies or not. Some call it the grey wolf or Timber wolf, while others claim it is a species found only in Labrador and Northern Quebec.

Although it is called the grey wolf, it's coat can range from white to almost black. It can ranger in length from about four and a half feet to almost six feet, and can weigh from 75 to 140 pounds.

Wolf packs of up to twenty five follow the caribou herds during the fall and winter migration, and while this might seem a threat to the caribou, the Quebec-Labrador herd can sustain quite a lot of predatation because of its numbers in the hundreds of thousands, and is one of the largest barren ground caribou herds in the world.

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