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Wild Brook Trout

      Where else in the world can you catch brook trout- so big that we don't even count them unless they're over two pounds? That's right, in Labrador's fabled waters that still hold 8- or perhaps even 10 pound trout.

     The vast area above Labrador's 52nd parallel offers you some of the finest trout fishing in the world. Labrador is one of the last places on Earth that still contains a true wilderness and a majority of it has never been fished.

     Trout fishing becomes more productive as water levels drop into the month of July and the enormous hatches of caddis take place. One should be armed with rods in the 5-6 wt. class with both sinking and floating line for trout and possibly a landlocked salmon. The month of June offers ample opportunity for one to land a silver beauty.

     Fishing with large flies, especially surface flies such as the mouse rat at certain time can trigger one of Labrador's phenom that has to be seen to be believed. One reason for this reaction to the large surface flies, whether drifted freely or skipped across the surface, is that the brook trout include the Lemming in their diet. It is not uncommon to catch a trout with a belly full of these creatures. Although mouse immitations work very well, such other flies as the Bomber, Muddler minnow and the Woolly worm are also very effective during this feeding frenzy.

     In addition to Lemmings, Labrador is well known for it's large hexagenia hatches, along with other insects that include stoneflies, mayflies, and caddis. When preparing for your trout fishing adventure, one should add to his arsenal these fly suggestions, Stoneflies, Irresistibles, Muddlers, Nymphs - Hares ear, Caddis imitations, and most of the insect simulators.

     There truly isn't any other fish in the world than the Brook Trout that lures a person to unknown bodies of water where they can try to outwit these magnificant beauties.

      We here at Labrador Caribou Outfitters have both to offer, the majestic Brook trout and the untouched waters in which they can be found.