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two trout

Northern Pike

  The voracious and carnivorous fish who lives in Labrador's freshwater lakes and rivers is also known by it's folk name of " Water Wolf."

  The Northern Pike is one of our most popular freshwater game fish and for good reason. The savage attacks combined with their fighting power has earned the Pike the ranks that it deserves.

  The waters that we here at Labrador Caribou Outfitters conduct our fishing on offer Pike in weights of up to 20 lbs. and lengths which reach well over 3 feet.

  The Pike has one thing on it's carnivorous mind and that is to attack and eat anything that moves - other fish, small birds, or small animals, you name it and it will most likely be on the Pikes menu. It most commonly lives and lurks in and around lots of cover where it can lay and wait for any un expecting prey.

  The Northern Pike has something quite tasty to offer and that is sweet, white fillets, and when combined with a traditional cup of tea prepared for a shore lunch by one of our guides you will be pleasantly surprised how tasty the Pike really are.

  Catching these fish that have such a bad attitude requires one to have a good strong 5 or 6 ft. rod combined with a reliable reel spooled with at least 10 or 12 lb. test line. Pike can be easily enticed to strike the red and white daredevil or the always faithful 5 of diamonds.

  Oh Yeah!! Don't forget to bring your Steel Leaders !!! You're gonna need them!