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Caribou Lake Lodge

     We here at Labrador Caribou Outfitters have constructed a 24' X 64' cedar log cabin style lodge for your stay with us while experiencing your outdoor adventure. Our facilities were constructed right on the shore of Labrador's Caribou Lake, which include a beautiful of the lake which is surrounded by a growth of black spruce.

      Our plans to establish a set of sporting camps began with a vacant lot and a desire to provide a comfortable place to host you, our guest while you are seeking whatever type of adventure that you might desire.

      While planning what type of structure which would work the best for us we were directed toward a major log home company where we were able to purchase a tractor trailor load of milled cedar cabin stock logs. With the arrival of our load of materials the task of putting our lodge together began. Construction of our lodge was completly done by hand with our tools being powered by a generator.

      The completion of the lodge now enables us to accomodate 16 guests very comfortably with a main living room area for relaxing or possibly a good game of cribbage. Our dining area is an open concept combined with our living area. Our fully equipt kitchen enables us to provide you with home cooked meals which are prepared with true Labrador flair. Our amenities also include full bathroom facilities, shower room, along with four connecting bedrooms each containing two sets of bunkbeds.

      Along with our main lodge we have also constucted a 16 x 24 log cabin on the same site for an individual, or purhaps a couple who would be looking for a little more privacy from the lodge setting.

      Our guides cabin which is also on site, rounds out the accomodations located at our Caribou Lake site.

      For you,our guests the lodge is located along the Trans Labrador Highway so you can literally drive right up to the front step.

Sims Lake Outpost Camp

      Located by way of the Esker Road our outpost camp (Sims Lake Camp) is situated some 60 miles from the Trans Labrador Highway. This facility is used when someone is looking for less modern type facilities.

     This cabin is the only facility on the entire lake, making this area quite remote with very minimal fishing and hunting pressure. This area is well known for it's large numbers of fish along with it's fine population of black bears.

     If you are looking for an adventure off the beaten path this could be just the place for you.

Tent Camps

     We also are equipt with insulated outfitters tents for those of you who are really looking to be adventurous. If someone is looking to do some backcountry exploring or maybe in search of a winter camping excursion we have the ability to set up a very comfortable tent camp site for you.

     Our tents are well made and fully insulated, accompanied by either a wood or oil stove you can stay quite comfortable even on those bitter cold nights.


      Whatever type of Labrador adventure you might choose, we are more than capable of making your stay with us very pleasant and very comfortable.