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Snowmobiling Tours

     Combine the thrill of snowmobiling with the beauty of a Labrador winter, one can find himself quite easily overwhelmed with all of the snowmobiling opportunities that we have to offer - Right into the month of April.

     Snowmobiling enthusiasts who decide to travel to Labrador West will have in excess of 600 miles of groomed trails in addition to 110,000 square miles of the best off trail riding that you find anywhere in the world.

     The Labrador West trail system is connected to the 150 miles of groomed trails that lead into Churchill Falls. This network of trails will provide snowmobilers with an extraordinary ride and the opportunity to view Labrador's environment and exciting wilderness. Snowmobilers that opt for a trail riding adventure will have to purchase a trail pass for use, and are available throughout the Labrador City area.

     For the more adventurous snowmobiler we can offer you a snowmobiling experience that very few have had the opportunity to do.

     Gary Travers who is co-owner of Labrador Caribou Outfitters along with his brother Chris Travers are the 2011 Cains Quest Snowmobiling Endurance Race Runners Up. If you are not familiar with the Cains Quest, it is Canada's longest cross country endurance snowmobile race which is a 1500 mile plus trek through the most extreme back country terrain that Labrador has to offer. This race is definitely not for anyone that couldn't overcome any and all types of snowmobiling. Gary and our staff of snowmobile guides are highly qualified and life long experienced and are more than capable of taking you through the wilds of Labrador where no other snowmobiler has ever been. The opportunity to ride along with someone with this kind of snowmobiling experience doesn't come along every day.

     Picture yourself on one of our groomed trails or riding through untouched snow in Labrador's back country. Whatever type of riding that suits you best, we can honestly say that you will be amazed by all of the beautiful landscape and countless numbers of wildlife that you will witness while snowmobiling with us in Labrador. (The Big Land).


1 Day guided adventure on local trails with guide and lunch: $ 300.00

2 Day 1 Night trip to lodge and back with guide, all trail meals plus lodging $ 700.00

3 Day 2 Night trail and back country trip with guide, all trail meals plus lodging $ 1100.00

4 day 3 night trip into Labrador's back country with guide, all meals plus lodging. (Tent Camp) $ 1600.00

Prices are based on a per person rate.

Machine rentals from $ 150.00 to $ 175.00 per day depending on the type of snowmobile.

Fuel costs are the responsibility of the guest.