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Josh and Trout



two trout



  The Lake Trout or more commonly referred to as “Lakers” is widely distributed throughout Labrador. The Lake Trout population is quite abundant and they can be  found in both lakes and rivers. Our high success rate at catching Lake Trout leaves you to keep one thing in mind and that is you better hope that your arms don’t get tired!!

   Lake Trout are not leapers, but instead they wage a strong, determined underwater battle. Soon after ice out they can be commonly found feeding along the shore near the surface. Fly fishing at this time can be extremely exhilarating. Large streamer patterns, fished on a floating line will imitate native bait fish. More often than not this technique will provoke a vicious predatory strike that will leave even the most seasoned angler in awe. The warming of water which occurs by the first of July will cause the fish to congregate into deeper and cooler waters and trolling three to seven inch wobbling spoons and rapalas is a standard and effective method for catching these fish at this time. Silver and gold are the traditional finishes but blue, red, and white will also trigger strikes. A medium action spinning rod rigged with at least 10 lb. test line will work fine for fishing the early ice out season.                                                                                                   
   Trophy fish in the 20 lb. plus class are caught regularly in Labrador waters, so we also recommend a sturdy rod rigged with 12 to 20 lb. test line for deeper fishing techniques.

    Whatever you catch these prize winning fish on, they will offer you a delicious meal of orange-red fillets. Whether eaten fresh or even smoked, this fish would even make a gourmet’s mouth water.